Response to: Jeremy Piven Doesn’t Want “Rapistberger” in Super Bowl

Who care’s what Piven thinks. Being a Chicagoan what has he really done but be Cusack’s sidekick until, he got “Entourage”.

I’m really glad we have the Creative Coalition, so every thespian that feel they need to share their thoughts with us, can get up and express their point of view. Where would America be today without the thespian point of view?

By the way hasn’t the Roethlisberger issue been debated already on this site?

Guess Jeremy needs a new platform now that “Entourage” is going off the air but the Producers claim it wasn’t cancelled. I welcome Jeremy to the platform but I hope he can take the lickings the PFT bunch like to level. We don’t get second takes her Jeremy and, you ain’t Ari in real life! Oh yeah Ari didn’t get an LA NFL franchise on “Entourage” this season anyway.

Suck it Jeremy.

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Teammates Wouldn’t go to bat for Roethlisberger with Goodell

Not surprised one bit. Big Ben took Little Ben out to play. Not once but twice and got into trouble. This guy’s has two Super Bowl rings and he can’t get laid on his own.

If he, were my teammate, I wouldn’t go to bat for either. Ben really! Would have been my response after finding out that he got in trouble, again.

Not signing jersey is like photo-gate between teammates but taking risks that can take down a team will translate into teammates protecting the team. I hope Big Ben learned when and how to play with Little Ben. Now all the commissioner needs to worry about is Big Ben thinking with his big head and not his little head.

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Alosi suspended without pay

Since Coaches are not cover under or protected by a collective bargaining agreement Alosi should be fired with cause. The NFL should take swift and immediate action.
Since there is no way to count on the NCAA, they did a such a fantastic job handling the Cam Newton thing, our expectations should be very low on any message being sent to Alosi for further employment with institutions of that sanctioning body.
The New York, Florida and New Jersey High School Athletic Association’s could take action by guaranteeing Alosi never work’s with younger athletes in those respective state’s.
Now that would take guts!

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Patriots rolling in Chicago

For the last week the Chicago Bears walked and talked as if they were the most dominating team in the NFL.  In fact, Captain Brian Urlacher revealed his true thoughts on the state of week 14: “I know the Patriots have the best record, but I think and feel we’re the best team in the NFL.”  Brian – here are some of my thoughts: shut up, know one cares what you think, and we certainly could care less what you feel.


If anyone cared it would be someone like Dr. Phil. Since he hasn’t booked you to date for his show, the obvious is in – he doesn’t care either.


If the whining in Chicago starts for any reason with cheating, weather or obvious one-sided advantages, let’s remember a few things. First, anyone that has not been living in a cave knows what happened this week with another cheating-gate, but to beat the Bears you don’t have to cheat.  Lovie, Brian, Jay and the Special Teams will just hand it to you.  Second, both are cold weather teams in cities with very bad weather this time of year Folks in Chicago, two words for you; “Bear weather”. Remember that? Third, it’s not that the Patriots had any type of advantage over the Bears. The Patriots are just a much better team. The Bears are a good team in a suspect, injury plagued and distracted NFC North. For the sake of argument, if the Packers are not a MASH Unit on wheels and the Vikings are…well, not the Vikings of 2010, are the Bears talking about the playoffs or NFC North crown?


For all the haters out there – the Patriots are still in a class all by themselves. No team is close. Currently, the only teams close to their caliber are the Falcons. Come February, we will all see if the Patriots whip out there muskets and shoot down the Falcon’s or another team from the weak sister conference known as the NFC.



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This Evening…

I’m supposed to be writing about what Randy Moss does or doesn’t do tonight. Stay tuned. Might be moved off that topic and sent to continue our comprehensive coverage of the Jen-Brett saga.

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My View of Jen Sterger’s agent attempting to strong arm NFL. As posted on

Phil Reese, you should really reconsider representing people in the entertainment industry after your great Jen Sterger train wreck. What night school awarded you a law degree in the first place?

Jenny Poo, Phil is doing more wrong then good. Jenny Poo hear me out for the sake of argument. Phil Reese was shown the door by Farve agent Bus Cook. Now he is being shown the door by the NFL. The NFL is not going to be shamed or bullied by Phil Reese?

Are you getting it yet? Are all the chemicals from the spray on tan and hair products fizzing out what is left of your little brain? Phil Reese is not a closer.

This is going nowhere. As a matter of fact this is now just a tiring, lame and beat up story. The majority of America probably believes something has happened. America has not been privy to any material evidence; without something to sink our teeth into, people just don’t care any longer. The American public has the attention span of a fruit fly. You waited to long to speak with the league. Phil spent too much time playing footsie with Bus Cook.

In other words your 15 minutes have been up for a long time. Now please deliver everyone in America an early Christmas present and Go Away!


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