My View of Jen Sterger’s agent attempting to strong arm NFL. As posted on

Phil Reese, you should really reconsider representing people in the entertainment industry after your great Jen Sterger train wreck. What night school awarded you a law degree in the first place?

Jenny Poo, Phil is doing more wrong then good. Jenny Poo hear me out for the sake of argument. Phil Reese was shown the door by Farve agent Bus Cook. Now he is being shown the door by the NFL. The NFL is not going to be shamed or bullied by Phil Reese?

Are you getting it yet? Are all the chemicals from the spray on tan and hair products fizzing out what is left of your little brain? Phil Reese is not a closer.

This is going nowhere. As a matter of fact this is now just a tiring, lame and beat up story. The majority of America probably believes something has happened. America has not been privy to any material evidence; without something to sink our teeth into, people just don’t care any longer. The American public has the attention span of a fruit fly. You waited to long to speak with the league. Phil spent too much time playing footsie with Bus Cook.

In other words your 15 minutes have been up for a long time. Now please deliver everyone in America an early Christmas present and Go Away!


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