Response to: Jeremy Piven Doesn’t Want “Rapistberger” in Super Bowl

Who care’s what Piven thinks. Being a Chicagoan what has he really done but be Cusack’s sidekick until, he got “Entourage”.

I’m really glad we have the Creative Coalition, so every thespian that feel they need to share their thoughts with us, can get up and express their point of view. Where would America be today without the thespian point of view?

By the way hasn’t the Roethlisberger issue been debated already on this site?

Guess Jeremy needs a new platform now that “Entourage” is going off the air but the Producers claim it wasn’t cancelled. I welcome Jeremy to the platform but I hope he can take the lickings the PFT bunch like to level. We don’t get second takes her Jeremy and, you ain’t Ari in real life! Oh yeah Ari didn’t get an LA NFL franchise on “Entourage” this season anyway.

Suck it Jeremy.

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